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Seize this extraordinary opportunity to elevate your business with ‘Keto Magic,’ now offering unparalleled freedom like never before.

This unique package grants you the ultimate liberty to not only sell and modify the content but also to extend those same rights to your buyers. Imagine the potential – each purchase isn’t just a transaction; it’s an expansion of your network, a multiplication of opportunities.

You’re not just acquiring a product; you’re investing in a versatile asset that can be reshaped, repackaged, and resold in endless forms.


The Ultimate PLR Bundle upgrade: now with full rights to a comprehensive keto diet guide, granting you complete freedom to utilize and adapt it in any imaginable way for your health-focused ventures

With this upgrade you get...

Unrestricted use Rights

Value $999.99

With the ‘Keto Magic’ unrestricted use rights, you’re granted the power to:
  • Sell or Grant Private Label Rights: You can offer private label rights to your customers, allowing them to brand the content as their own.
  • Sell or Grant Master Resell Rights: Your customers can resell the rights to the content, propagating the value of your product.
  • Sell or Grant Resell Rights: You and your customers can sell the content multiple times, multiplying the profit potential.
  • Distribute Source Files: Share the original DOCX, HTML, PSD files, etc., giving users the ability to edit and customize the content to their liking.
  • Sell or Give Away the Graphics: The included graphics can be sold or used as bonuses, enhancing the appeal of your offerings.

These extended permissions provide a high degree of flexibility, creating an opportunity for you and your customers to generate significant value from ‘Keto Magic’.
ATTENTION!:With the ‘Keto Magic’ unrestricted use rights, your power to edit, rebrand, and resell extends to the specific products you have purchased. If you’ve acquired the front-end offer, your unrestricted rights apply exclusively to those materials. For those who have invested in OTO 1, the same expansive rights are extended to include all the additional resources provided in that package. Each tier grants you a license to maximize, leverage, and profit from the content you’ve obtained – ensuring that your ability to innovate and earn is as vast as your collection of ‘Keto Magic’ products

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