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Mammals Coloring Pages for Kids” is a collection of 300 coloring pages featuring various mammals, specifically designed for children. This set allows people to purchase, customize, and resell the pages, keeping 100% of the profits.

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Contest starts on May 4th at 11 AM EST and ends on May 8th at 11.59 PM!

The Funnel:

FRONT END - Mammals Coloring Pages for Kids - $12.95 (100% comm.) - (after launch the price will increase to $16.95)

  • 300 Mammals Coloring Pages for Kids with 100% Unrestricted Use Rights
  • Bonus: “200 Midjourney Prompts for Coloring Mammals – Unlock the potential of AI with our exclusive set of 200 Midjourney Prompts, specifically designed to create engaging and diverse mammal coloring pages. This collection allows you to generate detailed illustrations of mammals in a variety of settings, perfect for educational materials, coloring books, or personal art projects.

FRONT END BUMP - 200 Additional Mammals Coloring Pages - $9.95 (50% comm.) - (after launch the price will increase to $12.95)

  • This exclusive set features 200 additional high-quality coloring pages of mammals for kids. With Private Label Rights included, you’re free to customize, brand, and sell these pages as your own, or use them as bonuses. Dive into the lucrative coloring book market with this ready-made, diverse collection that offers something special for every young animal lover. Again with 100% Unrestricted Use Rights.

OTO 1 - Coloring Books for Kids Masterclass - $19.95 (50% comm.)

  • Coloring Books  for Kids MASTERCLASS (Video Tutorial) – an unique tutorial video where I’ll guide you step by step in creating captivating coloring books for kids, utilizing the power of A.I. We’ll also explore how to publish your creations on Amazon KDP.
  • Bonus: ‘Coloring Book Creation Quick Guide’ – A streamlined PDF full of helpful hints and strategies to speed up your coloring book design process. This guide is perfect for post-tutorial application, helping you turn ideas into finished products efficiently.
  • Bonus: ‘Innovative Themes for Children’s Coloring Books’ – This useful PDF is packed with imaginative theme ideas for creating children’s coloring books. It offers a wide range of topics and concepts to enrich your coloring book creation process, helping you generate content that’s both engaging and educational for young audiences.
  • Bonus: ‘Profitable Coloring Book Strategies’ – A targeted PDF that lays out practical methods and tactics for monetizing your children’s coloring books. It acts as a roadmap to help you transform your creative content into a profitable venture, guiding you through various approaches to effectively sell and market your coloring books.

  • Bonus: ‘KDP Success Secrets: Finding Profitable Keywords & Strategies’: This invaluable PDF guide provides insights into uncovering profitable keywords and strategic tactics for Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing (KDP). Learn the secrets of keyword research to optimize your coloring books for maximum visibility and sales on the platform. This guide will also explore additional monetization strategies, helping you to fully capitalize on the KDP marketplace for enhanced profitability.

OTO 1 BUMP - 500+ Coloring Pages PLR Pack - $9.95 (50% comm.)

  • This special package includes 500+ high-quality coloring pages for kids that you can resell as your own. Thanks to the PLR (Private Label Rights), you have the freedom to customize, brand, and sell these coloring pages in your own way,  or offer them as bonuses. It’s a fantastic opportunity to jumpstart your business in the coloring book market, offering ready-to-go content that’s both engaging for kids and easy for you to profit from.This special package also spans diverse themes and caters to various age ranges, enriching your offerings. However, please note these coloring pages are not suitable for Amazon KDP.

ONE TIME OFFER 2 - AI Mandala Coloring Pages Masterclass - $19.95 (50% comm.)

  • AI Mandala Coloring Pages Masterclass (Video Tutorial) –A simple video tutorial showing you how to make cool mandala coloring pages with AI
  • Bonus: “Unlocking Midjourney: Your Video Guide to Mastery” – In this exclusive bonus video, dive into the essentials of Midjourney. Learn how to use prompts effectively, leverage its most exciting features, and set the right parameters to get the best outcomes. Whether you’re a beginner or looking to refine your skills, this guide will provide the insights needed to master Midjourney for any project.

OTO 2 BUMP - 300+ Mandala Coloring Pages PLR Pack - $9.95 (50% comm.)

  • This exclusive package comes with 300+ high-quality mandala coloring pages that you can use and sell as your own. With the PLR (Private Label Rights) included, you’re free to customize, brand, and distribute these coloring pages in any way you choose, or even use them as bonuses. It’s an excellent way to dive into the coloring book market, providing ready-made content that’s not only captivating but also opens up new revenue streams for your business. The package covers a wide range of mandala designs, ensuring there’s something for everyone.

OTO 3 - Educational Videos for Kids Masterclass - $19.95 (50% comm.)

  • Educational Videos for Kids MASTERCLASS (Video Tutorial) – a special tutorial video where I’ll show you step by step how to make cool learning videos for kids
  • Bonus: ‘QuickStart AI Video Guide’ – A concise PDF packed with tips and tricks to accelerate your video creation process, featuring expert advice and insights gained from extensive experience in producing educational content post-tutorial.
  • Bonus: ‘Creative Concepts for Kid’s Videos’ – A helpful PDF filled with engaging topic suggestions for educational videos, offering a variety of themes to enhance your content creation process
  • Bonus: ‘Monetizing Educational Media’ – A strategic PDF outlining effective methods and strategies to monetize your educational videos, providing a roadmap to turn your content into profit.

OTO 4 - Stickers with AI Masterclass - $19.95 (50% comm.)

  • Stickers with AI MASTERCLASS (Video Tutorial) – an exclusive tutorial video where I’ll guide you step by step in creating unique and eye-catching stickers using the power of A.I.
  • Bonus: “100 Stickers PLR Pack”: a curated collection of 100 engaging stickers for children. With Private Label Rights included, you can resell these creative designs under your own brand, making it a perfect choice for entrepreneurs looking to enter the kids’ market.
  • Bonus: ‘QuickStart AI Sticker Guide’ – A concise PDF filled with tips and tricks to speed up your sticker creation process, featuring expert advice and insights gained from extensive experience in sticker design.
  • Bonus: ‘Innovative Ideas for Kid’s Stickers’ – A comprehensive PDF filled with imaginative and fun sticker themes, perfect for enriching your sticker design process. This guide provides a wealth of creative concepts specifically tailored for creating captivating stickers.
  • Bonus: ‘Profit from Sticker Market’ – A detailed PDF guide outlining strategic approaches and effective methods for monetizing stickers. This resource provides insights and actionable strategies to transform your sticker designs into a profitable venture.
  • Bonus: ‘Etsy Success with Stickers: Monetization Strategies’: This essential PDF guide is crafted to help you navigate the lucrative Etsy marketplace with your sticker collection. It offers detailed strategies on pricing, marketing, and branding your stickers on Etsy, tapping into its vast audience. Learn how to effectively position your stickers in this popular online marketplace, optimize your shop for maximum visibility, and turn your creative sticker designs into a thriving business.

OTO 5 - Flashcards for Kids MASTERCLASS - $19.95 (50% comm.)

  •  Flashcards for Kids MASTERCLASS (Video Tutorial) – a concise video tutorial detailing the step-by-step process of using artificial intelligence to create engaging and educational flashcards for children.
  • “Bonus: ‘QuickStart AI Flashcards Guide’ – A streamlined PDF filled with strategies and insights to expedite your flashcard creation using artificial intelligence, drawing from seasoned expertise in educational resource development.
  • Bonus: ‘Creative Concepts for Kid’s Flashcards’ – A valuable PDF brimming with inventive ideas and themes for children’s educational flashcards, aimed to enrich and diversify your content creation.
  • Bonus: ‘Profitable Flashcards Blueprint’ – A tactical PDF detailing methods and strategies to monetize your educational flashcards, offering practical steps to transform your creative efforts into financial gain.

OTO 6 - Maternity Quote Posts- $19.95 (50% comm.)

  • Maternity Quote Posts – A curated series of 500 maternity quotes, each set against a visually appealing 1080×1080 backdrop, perfect for Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, and other platforms supporting this image format. With PLR Rights.
  • BONUS: ‘Monetizing Maternity Posts’ – A comprehensive guide detailing strategies to profit from the Maternity Quote Posts collection. This PDF provides instructions on how to profit thanks to these posts.

Frequently Asked Questions

Our 300 Mammal Coloring Pages come with 100% Unrestricted Use Rights. This means you are free to customize, resell, or use them for personal purposes without any restrictions on copyright. You retain full control over how you choose to use these images, making them ideal for both personal enjoyment and commercial use.

The term “100% Unrestricted Use Rights” means that when you purchase our 300 Mammal Coloring Pages, you receive full freedom to do as you please with these images. You can modify them, incorporate them into your own products, resell them under your brand, or simply use them for personal projects. There are no limitations on how you can use these pages, allowing you to explore all possibilities in commercial ventures or personal use without any legal constraints.

Yes, the original images in our 300 Mammal Coloring Pages collection were generated using Dall-E. However, we have significantly enhanced these images using a premium tool to achieve a 4x improvement in quality. We have also edited them to remove greyscale and any excessive elements to ensure they are perfectly suited for coloring. Finally, each image has been carefully assembled into a cohesive design using Canva.

All sales of our 300 Mammal Coloring Pages are final. We do not offer a satisfaction guarantee or refunds. Please review the product details carefully before making your purchase to ensure it meets your needs.

Hi, I’m Marco Lo Faro! If you have any questions, please DM me at jv@marcolofaro.com!

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