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Daniele has put together a Mega Pack of 400 A.I-Driven Ultra Realistic Photography Prompts designed to generate stunning, viral-worthy digital artwork. Say goodbye to hours of brainstorming and hello to instant inspiration!

These prompts aren’t just a fad – they’re the key to unlocking next-level digital artistry. Use one or a few daily, transform them into jaw-dropping artworks, and watch your digital portfolio skyrocket in popularity!

No need to be a seasoned artist. Just choose a prompt, let A.I. do its magic, tweak a bit if needed, and voila – instant masterpiece!

This isn’t just a product; it’s a game-changer for anyone looking to dominate the digital art space

Pricing (Front end offer and OTOs)

FE - Midjourney Photography Prompts - $9.95 . After Launch The Price Will Jump To $17

Package of 400 Midjourney Prompts to create ultra realistic photography-like AI images.

Use the generated images for posters, home decor, wallpapers, print-on-demand, resell them online, etc.

FE BUMP - Additional Photography Prompts - $7

Expand the collection with an additional package of 200 Midjourney Photography Prompts to generate ultra-realistic images.

OTO1 - Midjourney Digital Art Prompts - $17

Package of 450 Midjourney Digital Art Prompts to create stunning A.I. artistic images.

The prompts subjects are: characters, landscapes, animals and buildings, all in an artistic and original style!

Use the generated images for posters, home decor, wallpapers, print-on-demand, resell them online, etc.

OTO2 - Additional Digital Art Prompts - $37

Expand the collection with an additional package of 1500 Midjourney Digital Art Prompts in the same categories.

OTO 3 — A.I. Midjourney Prompts Generator - $47

  • Advanced copy & paste prompt that will make ChatGPT create detailed Midjourney Prompts in any niche/category. You don’t need any previous skill, ChatGPT will create the perfect prompt for you!
  • Comprehensive guide on how to use the generator to create unlimited prompts for Midjourney in any style you want. Step-by-step instructions and examples included!

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