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A WordPress Plugin That's A Complete Local Service? That Every Local Business Will Want? Unlimited Positive Reviews Without Breaking The Rules...

Every local business knows that star ratings and reviews are important. But do they realize just how important? Just take a moment to soak up these 2022 online review facts:

And every business consultant wants a service they can:

1. Easily Sell
2. Easily Deliver
3. Show amazing Value For Money
4. Make Good Margins
5. Get Recurring Income
6. Impress Customers

Power Online Reviews is a powerful WordPress plugin that lets you generate unlimited positive reviews on Google, Facebook, Yelp & any other 3rd party review site.

It’s simple and effective:

Power Online Reviews asks customers for feedback. This is made fast and simple with a one click response.

All feedback both positive and negative are treated the equally. This ensures full compliance with FTC & Google.

Positive feedback customers are then responded to via email to thank them for their great feedback.

They also are prompted to add a review on third party review sites like Yellow Pages , Google Business Profile, Facebook and Trip Advisor etc.

Negative or poor feedback are then responded to via email in which you can resolve or mitigate the customers issues. This helps to get the customers back on board and get any business issues resolved.

They also are prompted to add a review on third party review sites like Yellow Pages or Google My Business etc.

This is a win-win for both customers and businesses.


How Power Online Reviews Generates MORE Positive Customer Reviews & MORE Happy Customers

1. Send Customer A Feedback Request

2. Customer Gives You A Rating

3. Customer Gives A Good Star Rating And Prompted To Expect An Email

3. Customer Gives A Bad Star Rating And Prompted To Give More Detail

4. Personalized Email To Thank For Feedback & Ask For A Google Review

4. Personalized Email To Resolve Or Mitigate Issue & Ask For A Google Review

More Positive Reviews

More Happy Customers

Pricing (Front end offer and OTOs)


- WordPress Plugin

- Fully Automated

- Fully Customizable

- Define Your Rating Levels

- Good Review Process

- Bad Review Process

- Email Notifications

- Email Response

- Master Admin Panel

- Review Manager Access

- Export Data

- Display Reviews

- Mobile Friendly

- All Review Sites

- Agency Licence

- Central Control Panel

  • - Promotional Video Pack

  • - Printable Flyers Pack

  • - Lead Generation Reports Pack

  • - Webinar Presentation and Script

  • - Sales Training Video Series

Plugin Lifetime Buyout Options [only for 10/100 site license) ($47/$67 for 10 and 100 websites respectively)

  • - Pay a little more today and ditch your yearly payments. PLUS get all the free upgrades and support.

Agency Client Finder Global - $77

  • - Full Instant Access To Agency Client Finder Global
  • - One-Time Payment
  • - Special Launch Discount Price
  • - Lead Finder
  • - Business Analyzer
  • - Campaign Manager
  • - Email Integration
  • - WYSIWIG Email Editor
  • - Local Services Contract Template
  • - Specially Curated Consultancy Videos
  • - Local Services Client Contract Template
  • - YouTube For Business Training Guide
  • - Selected Consultancy Video Collection

ACF Services & Tutorials $37  

  • - Complete 47 Factor Local SEO Checklist
  • - 9 Local Service Guides
  • - Top Free Tools
  • - Advice From Local Experts
  • - Outsource Links
  • - Special Low Launch Price

Local Agency Leads Packs Monthly/Onetime $27/97 = 10 packs

Local Agency Leads Packs Mini Onetime $57 = 4 packs

WPSimulator Agency @ $37

Protect your WordPress site from Hackers with this powerful WordPress Plugin! Also prevent Plugin Crashes!

WPToolkit GPL @ $67

  • - Developer Rights to ALL Premium Themes & Plugins
  • - Onetime UNLIMITED updates
  • - Install on UNLIMITED Personal & Client Sites
  • - Pay ONCE - never pay again

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